A Brief Summary of the Movements of the
30th Regiment of Indiana Infantry Continued...

In the fall of 1862, the regiment was active in the pursuit of General Braxton Bragg beyond Crab Orchard, Kentucky. It then moved to Nashville where it rested until the forward movement of General William Starke Rosecrans' (Old Rosey) army commenced. Advancing with that army to the vicinity of Murfreesboro, it participated in the Battle of Stones River, on December 31, 1862, January 1st and 2nd, 1863. The regiment suffered severely:

  Killed Wounded
Officers 1 2
Non-Commissioned Officers 9 22
Privates 18 84
Total 28 108
Aggregate 136

A campaign followed in which the Thirtieth was active and after the occupation of Chattanooga it marched South with the army to participate in the
Battle of Chickamauga. It did not fair well:

Liberty Gap
  Killed Wounded
Privates 0 1
Total 0 1

Battle of Chickamauga
  Killed Wounded
Officers 1 6
Non-Commissioned Officers 1 14
Privates 6 37
Total 8 57
Aggregate 65

Afterwards the Thirtieth went to Whiteside Station and Tyners Station where some of the men re-enlisted it December. After arriving in Blue Springs, Tennessee in January, 1864 those men were re-mustered as veterans. With that taken care of they were off to their homes in Indiana on Veteran Furlough.